1 August 2016

Robert Latham - Expat in Niagara Falls, Canada

Robert Latham - Expat in Niagara Falls, Canada

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: Niagara Falls Canada

Q: In which city are you currently residing?
A: Operate a 5 bedroom boutique B&B Inn ...... www.orquideadelsur.com

Q: What do you do in your new city?
A: Difficult to compare... they are different i now look out on the Pacific and watch the waves and the whales and fisherman and listen to the harmony of the waves... but with that is the constant challenge of living in an environment where you need to supply everything yourself...

Q: How is the quality of life in your new city in comparison to that of your home city?
A: Does what i want it to..

Q: How would you rate the healthcare system in which you are currently enrolled?
A: Not comparable as we are running a business that operates a a very different place.. If i scaled down could live for much less..

Q: How does the cost of living compare to that of your home city?
A: No waste of money...

Q: Did you use a relocation company to help you with your move?
A: Generally very easy.

Q: How easy or difficult was the relocation process?
A: Partner and her daughter

Q: Did you move here with any family members?
A: Partner and her daughter.

Q: What is your favourite mobile app which you use to aid you in your expat life?
A: none

Q: What is one piece of advice you’d like to offer a new expat in your new city?
A: Don’t get caught up in all the petty nonsense… get good legal advice from rebuttable ”Managuan” lawyers at all stages….