Expat Insurance Services in Canada

Canada has a public Health Insurance system that provides free health care for medically necessary expenses to permanent Canadian residents at a public hospital. In recent years there has been growing public concern about the quality of state run health care, long waiting lists, and rationing of health care by the state. Private facilities by law can only perform non necessary medical expenses such as cosmetic plastic surgery, and many employed Canadians obtain private insurance to cover these as well as prescriptions.


Permanent residents, including refugees who are given permanent residence, are eligible three months after arrival in Canada. There are other public health insurance programs offered by the provinces, with varying availability. For example, Ontario's program also covers treatment in Ontario to all foreigners living and working in Canada including clergy, in addition to their spouses or partners and dependents under the age of 19.


Other insurance products are available from many insurance companies in Canada, such as Home Insurance, Property and Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Casualty and Life Insurance, Farm insurance, Travel Insurance, etc. Proof of Auto Insurance is required to drive in Canada. While a US policy is good for tourists, many US insurance companies can issue policies that are specifically good for Canada.

Health Insurance in Canada

Our detailed list of health insurance providers offers expats cost-efficient solutions. Before moving to Canada, ensure that you are adequately protected against the uncertainties of life. Get a health insurance plan today!

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Business Health Insurance in Canada

Companies in Canada are competing for the best expat workers. Introducing additional employee benefits can level up your company. Check our list of insurance providers and compare their coverage plans.

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Life Insurance in Canada

It is advisable to secure life insurance coverage before relocating to Canada. We have helpful information on the insurance providers, policy benefits and premium rates. Find the right protection for you and your family.

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Car Insurance in Canada

Expats planning of getting a car in Canada need to secure a car insurance. This protects against financial burdens due to physical damage, theft, third party liability and more. Get a cost-efficient car insurance today!

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Property Insurance in Canada

Canada is one of the world’s best places for expats. Move to this wonderful place with all your valued possessions. There are various property insurance products that help ensure a hassle-free relocation abroad.

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Home Insurance in Canada

When choosing an insurance cover for your overseas home, get one that covers loss of rent following a claim. There are numerous home insurance providers and policies in Canada. Carefully assess your options.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Canada

Are you visiting Canada soon? Remember to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical services, evacuation and repatriation abroad.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Canada

Protect your finances from unexpected incidents overseas. A multi-trip travel insurance is designed for individuals taking multiple trips in a year. Know your options in Canada by visiting our page.

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