Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Canada

Travel insurance multi trip to Canada is a good way to save on the cost of single trip insurance renewals. But whether one frequents Canada to do business, heli-ski in the Rockies, visits the Virtual Museum of Canada or for any other reason that keeps them coming back, travel insurance is always a must.


International Medical Group understands that people travel abroad for so many reasons. That's why the company has created so many products as well to meet every need. IMG provides multi-trip travel insurance for frequent overseas travelers in Canada and 170 other countries in the world, whether they are expat workers, businessmen or simply vacationers.

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When buying insurance uninformed, expats in Canada might end up with policies that do not give them the exact coverage they need for their global lifestyle. MultiNational Underwriters' Atlas Professional is, by far, the ideal option in this scenario. MNU is a full-service insurer that offers several benefits that are meant to address the specific needs of life abroad.

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