Single Trip Travel Insurance in Canada

Travel insurance single trip in Canada goes a long way in securing a traveler to this country, whether in terms of health issues or the trip itself, such as baggage loss, flight delays or cancellations. Every year, over 35 million people visit Canada, many of them uninsured due to lack of understanding of how much travel insurance matters, especially overseas.


The International Medical Group (IMG) offers top-notch insurance plans for tourists and expats in Canada. The Patriot Travel Medical Insurance provides cover for hospital treatments and consultations anywhere in the world. It includes deductible options, trip cancellation benefits and 24-hour customer service. This plan is renewable up to 24 months, subject to certain conditions.

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Foreigners traveling to Canada and other parts of the world are advised to purchase travel insurance prior departure. HCC Medical Insurance Services, formerly Multinational Underwriters, offers various international policies including the Atlas Travel, Atlas Group Series, Atlas MultiTrip and Student Secure. HCC has 24-hour customer service and an interactive product finder.

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