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Visitor visas, technically called temporary residence visas, are not required for citizens of many countries, including the United States, who may stay in Canada for up to 6 months without a visa. For those from other countries, visitor visas can be issued for tourism, transit (usually less than 48 hours duration), temporary study and work.


The requirements for visas include a clean bill of health, a valid passport and ID. Getting anything renewed means travelling outside the country to apply at a consulate. Work permits require a job offer from a Canadian company and are generally only available for people with demanded skills, which must usually be approved by a government board. Some categories of businessmen as well as clergy may be granted an expedited work permit without this approval, as well as spouses and partners of skilled foreign workers, and some refugee cases. Study Visas are needed for those attending school over six months in Canada.


Permanent Residency is a longer and harder process and can be pursued by skilled workers, businessmen, adoptees or family members of Canadian residents, and by provincial nomination, with special separate rules for immigrants to Quebec. Business class includes investors, entrepreneurs, and the self employed. Permanent residency also requires a criminal background check, application fees and interviews with Canadian Immigration agents.

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International Movers in Canada

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Immigration Services in Canada

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