Activities for Kids in Chile



Chile is one of the best nature and adventure travel destinations, so bringing your kids to this country is an experience your kids will never forget.

Chile is well-known for its natural parks all throughout the country. Santiago, the main hub of urban living in Chile, offers museums, handicraft markets, and parks. Notable stops are Parque Metropolitano, situated on three hills. Its famous landmark is the 115 ft. high statue of the Virgin Mary on top of the Cerro San Cristobal, which you reach via aerial tram. It has a zoo and offers good views of the city. 

In Northern Chile, your kids will enjoy Lake Chungara, a beautiful lake with volcanic peaks, where you can also watch flamingos and other birds. 

Central Chile offers skiing, hiking and horseback riding for all levels in the mountains of Termas de Chillan. Central Chile is also home to beautiful beach resorts. At the Chilean Patagonia, explore the spectacular wildlife for days with your kids at the famous Torres del Paine National Park. It has towering mountains over pristine lakes. 

Visit the Grey Lake where you can wade in blue waters, and take out a chunk of iceberg and carve them. Take a boat trip to Magdalena Island and visit the penguins.  

Chile's education system is one of the best in Latin America, with the highest literacy rate of 94%. University education in Chile is known for its high standards. Most of the international schools in Chile are based in the city of Santiago. Independent private schools in Chile teach English as a second language.

The school term runs from March to December. Winter vacation starts from July to August.


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