Emergency Numbers in Chile



The potential for crime and terrorist activity is low in Chile. Take safety precautions as you would anywhere else. 

It is highly important to remember emergency numbers in Chile. You can dial these 3-digit numbers from any phone in Santiago and other major cities. Tourists are prone to pickpocket, theft, and purse or camera snatching. Beware also of currency switching. The emergency number for the police (Carabineros) is 133. 

Never bribe a Chilean police officer as you would go straight into jail. 

For medical emergencies, dial 131 for ambulance, or better yet call HELP, a private ambulance service that can be relied for a quicker response time and is equipped with the latest medical equipment. HELP's number is 631-0310. 

For those expats with coronary problems, you can pay a membership fee to avail of free ambulance calls that specialize in coronary emergencies, the Unidad Coronoria Movil. One will have fork out large amount if you're not a member. 

Keep a listing of these emergency numbers available to you at all times: 

Police (2) 133                                                         

Fire (2) 132


Other private ambulance services:


Private ambulance service

(2) 631-0310

Unidad Coronaría Movil

Ambulance service for coronary problems

Avenida Luis Thayer Ojeda 085


(2) 787-3535, (2) 391-4444

Metro Station Tobalaba                                                 

Banmedica Emergencia Movil

Private ambulance service

(2) 787-3535

Ambulancia Santa Lucia

Private ambulance service

Los Jesuitas 786


(2) 225-2435

Police Investigations 134

Drug Hot-Line 135

Air Search and Rescue 138      

Poison Control

(2) 635-3800

Crisis hotline

(2) 335-2100

Rape and Intrafamily

(2) 689-3070

Search and Rescue (2) 697-1670

Red Cross (2) 777-1448


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