Guide to Dental Care in Chile



Chile is fast becoming the preferred dental tourism destination in South America. Its doctors and dentists are well-trained and regulated by international standards, and can often speak and understand English. These doctors are known for their friendly and caring temperament, and would do their best to protect their reputation- a Chilean trait that benefits their profession. 

Dental cost is relatively cheaper than in most developed countries, and a fraction of what it would cost in USA or Europe. People seeking dental treatment can indulge in a nice exotic vacation without foregoing modern amenities which find Chile an ideal medical and dental tourism destination. 

But, make sure to set up an appointment first. For emergency dental services, you can go to any one of these emergency dental clinics that regularly serve expatriates: 

Emergency Dental Clinics


Agrupación Medica Apoquindo

Apoquindo 4100, Of. 205

Las Condes

(2) 207-1031

Metro Station Alcantara

Centro Odontologico Manquehue

Manquehue Norte 1701, Of. 407


(2) 242-2307

Clinica Padre Letelier

Padre Letelier 0154,


(2) 231-2753

Tell your dentist in advance if you have international health insurance in Chile, so you can reimburse dental costs by presenting receipts to the insurance carrier. There are also several private health insurance companies in Chile that can cover your dental treatment costs.



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