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Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life where she should be more aware of her health than at any other time, for the simple fact that another life is completely dependent on her. 

As a working mom in a foreign country, you simply cannot take chances when it comes to your health, which is also your baby's health. It is wise to secure international health insurance in Chile before leaving your home country that can cover your medical needs in pregnancy. It can also relieve you of worrying about any unplanned incidents, as it can give you easy access to their affiliated doctors trained by Western standards. 

Pregnant women with good health (no diabetes, high blood pressure and other complications) can travel safely during the second trimester (18-24 weeks). The third trimester is the least safe, as traveling may induce labor at any time. It is still best to postpone travel if you have complications in pregnancy. 

You can expect excellent maternity and obstetric care in Chile. Chile's medical community focuses on the mother's nutritional and over-all health status, as this will also ensure the baby's health. These doctors would ensure the newborn's health through promotion of breastfeeding in the first few months of the baby's life, and providing complete immunizations. 

The over-all cost of prenatal care and postnatal care including child delivery is comparably cheaper in Chile than in most developed countries, approximately half of what it would cost in USA or Europe. If you are planning to get private health insurance in Chile, make sure that maternity and obstetric costs are also covered.  

If you delivered your baby in Chile, your baby can have dual citizenship in Chile. Contact your embassy for more information on dual citizenship. 


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