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Insurance services are important when you’re living abroad. Aside from the peace of mind that your loved ones as well as your properties are protected while you’re living in Chile, there are also several services that you can get when you have good insurance plans. Learn more about how to protect your family as well as your valuables while getting services that can help you live your expat life to the fullest!

Getting Insurance

Getting insurance in Chile can be a little challenging, as the country’s insurance industry is quite small. However, there are still several companies that can help you get the appropriate coverage for your need while you’re living there.

It is important to raise your questions to your boss or Human resources manager early on. Assessing your needs and what the company’s employee usually take as protection will help you greatly. The discussion about protection and benefit should take place early in the relocation process.

Insurance companies and products in Chile are regulated by the SuperintendenciaValores y Seguros (SVS). Before you sign up for any policies in the country, make sure that they are registered, and they follow the regulations from this agency. As the local insurance industry is still small in Chile, both residents and expats prefer to get coverage from international insurance companies. It’s also advisable for expats to sign up for insurance plans before arriving in the country. The best way to sign up for an international insurance coverage is by getting a free quote from company websites, or calling international offices to receive a quote for your needs. Several international companies such as Lloyd’s insurance and April International offer coverage in Chile.International health insurance brokers such as, Pacific Prime offer international health insurance coverage in Chile, while Clements Worldwide can offer international general insurance services.

Importance of Insurance

Life has plenty of risks, and moving abroad adds more risk to your lifestyle as you are venturing outside your home and your comfort zone. The best way to ensure the safety and protection of your family as well as your assets while you’re living in Chile is to get insurance services.

Most people think that since the cost of living in a country like Chile is low, the medical and emergency costs you may need will also be low. This way of thinking can fool you and cost you more money in the long run. Insurance policies can offer you more than just a safety net, but also services that can help you in your everyday lifestyle and save money on basic services such as check-ups or roadside assistance.

Local Insurance in Chile

Local insurance in the public sector is still a little unstable in Chile, although there are several reforms that residents are looking forward to from Fondo Nacional de Salud (FONASA) the health and social service distributor in the country.

Employers are not required to pay for employee health insurance in the country, so if you’re moving to Chile for work, you can arrange for an insurance coverage to be included in your expat contract. If this is not possible, then you should get an international private insurance plan that covers Chile.


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