Pet Import Regulations in Chile



In relocating pets to Chile, you must first present a health certificate from a licensed vet in your home country. This means the vet who issued the health certificate is accredited by the government in your home country, and the vet's license number should appear on the health certificate. 

The health certificate should have your name and address, and your pet's name, breed, sex and age. It must prove that your pet was seen by a licensed vet 10 days prior to your departure and was cleared of any infectious diseases. If your pet was already immunized with a rabies vaccine, the health certificate must prove that your pet was administered with the rabies vaccine 30 days prior to departure date or within the last 12 months prior to departure date. Each pet will be identified with a microchip. 

Pet transport requires documentation and it would eliminate a lot of stress on your part if you can get an international pet relocation service to Chile.

Pet relocation services to Chile will help you acquire the necessary documents in moving your pets to Chile. 

Pet relocation to Chile should free pet owners from the paperwork load. Once you've settled in Chile, you'll find that Chile is a pet-friendly country and has enough licensed veterinarians to take care of your pet. An average veterinarian consult can cost approximately 10,000 pesos. There are several modern animal hospitals with updated medical procedures. Finding your pet's food brands will never be a problem. Several veterinary pharmacies in Chile sell everything without prescriptions except for the rabies vaccine. You will get everything your pet needs in Chile.


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