Vaccinations in Chile



Recommended vaccinations include Hepatitis A, typhoid, tetanus-diptheria (if you have not received one in the last 10 years), and MMR(measles, mumps, rubella ) vaccines. The polio vaccine is not needed, as polio is already eradicated in the Americas. As long as you have complete childhood immunizations, then you don't need the polio vaccine. Though vaccinations are not required to enter Chile, it is always best to be prepared before traveling to any country. 

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) infection also exists. Travelers are not at risk if you did not undergo blood transfusion or receive injections, and did not have unprotected sexual contacts while in the country. If you are going to the mountain areas, you may be exposed to Louse-born typhus. 

Rabies vaccinations are important for those whose work will take them to forested areas, or require them to work closely with animals. There were reports of cholera when an outbreak occurred in Northern Chile in January 1998, but since 1999 there were no more reported outbreaks of the disease. The cholera vaccine is not required. 

Also, avoid eating seafood, particularly shellfish, even if it is thoroughly cooked. An outbreak occurred in the Northern areas as Amnesic toxin was detected in shellfish in the regions of Atacama since 2008. 

It is highly recommended to see your travel health doctor and get your immunization shots 4-6 weeks prior to your departure date for Chile.