Visiting the Doctor in Chile



Visiting a doctor in Chile is inexpensive compared to Western countries. The consultation fees and medical costs are definitely lower than in most countries.

If you plan to visit a doctor in Chile, you have to pay them in cash even if you are covered by international health insurance in Chile. Just remember to ask for a receipt so you can ask for a reimbursement from your insurance carrier. 

Doctors in Chile are generally well-trained in the US and Europe, governed and regulated by the highest standards of medical practice. Most doctors can speak English. Their medical practice is regulated by Chilean law. 

For a comprehensive listing of doctors in Chile, you can visit: 

Hospitals in Chile offer the latest modern equipment and employ advanced medical techniques. One of the best hospitals in Chile is Clinica Alemana located in Santiago; it considered to be the most advanced in the country. Another hospital with excellent records is Clinica Las Condes. 

Private hospitals are, of course, better equipped than the public hospitals. For hospital listings in Chile, please refer to this website: 

Getting sick is something you don't want happening to you, particularly if you are in unfamiliar territory, like a foreign country. Sometimes, falling ill is unavoidable. It is best to be prepared for the worst. In case of a medical emergency, you can call one of the private hospitals or dial (2) 631-0310 for HELP, a private ambulance service.  

Securing international health insurance is a good way of protecting and securing your health needs wherever you are.