Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Chile

For tourists who plan to go on several trips to Chile, getting a travel insurance multi trip is the wisest and most cost-effective thing to do. The country’s diverse natural landscapes, such as the Chilean Patagonia, the hyperarid Atacama desert and the stunning Easter Island are what attract tourists to Chile. During the last ten years, Chile’s tourism has experienced a sustained growth. The country received about 1.25 million foreign tourists in 2006, and up to 2.50 million visitors in 2007.


Providing the international community with multi-trip travel insurance for more than 20 years is International Medical Group. IMG's goal is to provide needed products with needed services, leading to the establishment of various subsidiary companies that work from a central location, ensuring a seamless combination of vital services for its clients in Chile and worldwide.

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School Choice International is an affordable provider of school placement assistance services in Chile and worldwide, counting on its superior team of academic and education industry consultants. SCI also banks on the Global Education Explorer, a special type of software that functions by automatically comparing schools after certain criteria have been supplied, such as curriculum, tuition rates and the like.

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