Tax Advisory in Chile

Foreign nationals in Chile are subject to expat tax which depends on their intended length of stay in the country. For taxation purposes, expats who have been in the country for more than six months within two consecutive years are officially considered as Chilean “resident.” Expats can rejoice in the fact that the main benefit of the Chilean tax system is that the pensions; social security contributions and foreign retirement benefits are absolutely tax free. Moreover, Chile is known to have the lowest tax rate of all the OECD countries around the world.

Expat taxation is often complicated and expats who do not give it due attention may face serious problems. To prevent costly penalties and consequent financial burdens, it is important to address the issues properly. Boasting an industry experience of nearly 40 years, UK personal taxation specialist Andrew Baker is trusted by expats in Chile and worldwide.

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In Chile or anywhere else in the world, expatriates have one common issue to deal with as part of their global lifestyle: taxation. Professional tax advice is thus necessary, if not crucial. Make a no-obligation inquiry on tax planning, tax return and other related matters today.

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