Allergies in Beijing



Cities with four seasons like Beijing would definitely trigger problems such as asthma, skin allergies and pollen allergies. Asthma and skin allergies are the two most common allergy issues in Beijing. Expats who are prone to asthma and skin allergies need to maintain good physical condition and consistently take proper vitamins to trim down the risk of acquiring any allergy while in Beijing. International health insurance may be able to help expats out when dealing with their medical needs while overseas.

Pollen allergies occur during springtime, when pollen rising in Beijing is at its peak. Vast amount of these tiny pollen particles come from trees, flowers and weeds surrounding the city. Symptoms of a pollen allergy include itchy skin, sneezing, watery eyes and nausea. 

Expats who are sensitive to allergens are encouraged not to go outdoors during spring and use surgical mask when going out whenever possible. Make sure to carry antihistamines in your bag always. Expats can also opt to get immunotherapy or allergy shots to avoid any medical emergencies.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is also an alternative treatment for allergies; acupuncture is even considered one of the best remedies in combating ailments and allergies.



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Allergies in China