Emergency Numbers in China



An important task for all expats is to become as familiar as possible with emergency numbers, even keeping them written or stored in mobile phones to be safe.

Hotlines for fire, medical, and police assistance may differ from city to city but on a general scale and from any part of China, one can dial 110 for police assistance, 120 for medical emergencies and 119 for fire. It helps to know a little Chinese as assistance for non-Chinese speakers may not always be accessible. Expats who don't know a word in Chinese may dial 6525 5486 for all types of emergencies. 110, 120 and 119 are accessible for free from any mobile or public phone, but other numbers may come with a minimal fee charged by telecommunication companies.

Emergency hotlines

Other numbers that could provide medical assistance are 86-10-6513 2266 (Beijing Hospital), 86-10-6422 1122 (China-Japan Friendship Hospital), and 86-10-6462 9112 (Beijing SOS, International). For malaria-related emergencies, one may dial 770-488-7788.

It is good to save all of these numbers in the mobile phones of everyone in the family. At home, an expat may take the time to list down these numbers and put the list in a spot where everyone has easy access. When one has just moved to a new place and friends and family may not be around, these emergency numbers can be lifesaving.