Guide to Dental Care in China



There are many listings of dentists practising in China today. Some of these may be obtained online or offline, but the best references will usually come from referrals from friends, colleagues or relatives.

Many of these dentists speak English, although most of them don't. There are clinics available which devote themselves to expat communities and have only English-speaking dentists if you look carefully. Expats may want to make sure that they have international health insurance to provide them with adequate dental coverage while overseas.

Dental practitioners

In China, one can either be a public or a private dentist. The former charges a fixed rate while the latter's fees may vary. In general, dental care in China is enormously cheaper than that in any country in the West, usually with the same quality, as long as one goes to a reputable dentist.

The third type of dentist that can be found in China are those practising in the streets. They can charge as little as USD $10 for a crown, but they are, of course, to be avoided as they are not professionally trained. Often, they perform procedures in very unhygienic environments. Still, an expat may be amazed to find a high patronage of these dentists by the locals.

One thing that makes Chinese dentists unique is their non-reliance on anaesthesia, even when performing a root canal. But anyone can ask to be anaesthetized, especially expats who are used to pain-free procedures.

Professional Chinese dentists are in step with those practising in the West regarding expertise and technology. And as long as a patient goes to a licensed, professional dentist, he or she should be in safe hands.