Having a Baby in China



Having a baby in China can present a whole spectrum of different concerns or comforts depending on the city where the woman gives birth.

In Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou, hospitals are state-of-the-art with maternity wings providing excellent care to childbearing women. Called boutique hospitals, these facilities provide a luxurious experience for women, including maternity yoga classes and other services that promote healthy childbirth. In rural areas, hospitals or health centres may not be as advanced, although the services are acceptable to the locals.

Maternity care

If you suspect that you might be pregnant in China, it is good to start looking for an obstetrician, beginning with referrals from friends or colleagues or checking out online and offline listings. Check also if your international health insurance covers most of the pregnancy prenatal and delivery expenses.

When language is an issue, one can specifically look for listings of English-speaking doctors or inquire at one's embassy. It's good to consider a few things before choosing a hospital in which to deliver, including cost, availability of private labour and delivery rooms, and whether or not the hospital offers pain management.

In Beijing, top hospitals can be very expensive, but some cheaper facilities offer very decent care. In China, a maternity insurance system covers employees in main cities and those employed by the government and other public institutions. Otherwise, one may have to pay in cash.

There are also other birthing options including water births, homoeopathic births, caesarian births and more. For pregnant expats, these give a wide range of options so one can deliver in a manner of their specific preference.