Health and Protection in Dalian



Dalian is known as the major seaport and industrial manufacturing city in China, which also means that the pollution is also a major health issue in this city. Dalian’s insurance industry as well as its economy is one of the biggest and most stable in China, and as such, there are several options for insurance and protection while living in the country. Explore your options now, and learn more about safety and how to get insurance in Dalian. 

Getting Insurance 

The public health and social service sector of China is not very well developed and is still going through some changes. Employers and expat employees are required to pay a monthly contribution to healthcare and social services in the city. These payments would be deducted from the employee’s salary monthly.

Most expats in the country don’t really use the public services, as they prefer private international insurance plans for the convenience, global coverage, and specialised expat services. Even locals prefer international insurance plans for the benefit of seeking better medical attention abroad or gaining additional insurance services such as investment schemes on life insurance and roadside services on car insurance. The best international insurance companies you can get in the city are Zurich Insurance and Allianz

Importance of Insurance

Despite being by the coast, Dalian has a problem with air pollution due to the number of manufacturing companies in the city. There have also been a few recent controversies about environmental safety in the city such as the explosion of petroleum pipelines into the Yellow Sea, and a petrochemical factory dike breach during a typhoon. These issues along with the basic need for your protection and safety while living abroad are enough reasons to be fully covered before you arrive to start your new life in Dalian. 

Local Insurance in Dalian 

General insurance when you own property is required in Dalian as it is with the rest of China. If you wish to buy, rent, or drive a car, you would need car insurance and third-party liability insurance. You would also need to get property insurance if you wish to buy any form of property in the city. These types of insurance cannot be covered by public social service insurance, and would have to come from a private insurance company. If you prefer to get local insurance for your local property, the best companies in the city are China Taiping and People’s Insurance Company of China (PICC).  


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