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Getting the appropriate insurance and protection service in a city like Beijing will not be very difficult. The insurance industry in China is booming, and Beijing as its capital and one of the most developed cities in the country offers several options to help you safeguard your family and your assets while helping you save money at the same time. Learn more about the best ways to get the most out of your insurance policies and save money on several services.

Getting Insurance

There are many local, regional, and international insurance options in the city. Most of the world’s best international insurance companies such as Zurich Insurance Groupand Allianz have offices in Beijing. Most expats and even local residents prefer getting international insurance plans over local ones, as they prefer seeking better treatment and services abroad if necessary.

Insurance companies and policies are regulated by the Insurance Association of China (IAC). It would be best to check the credibility of the company you intend to sign with by checking their membership with IAC.

Foreign employees have the option to pay a monthly contribution for local public health and social services which can be deducted straight out of their monthly salary, however, China’s public health and social service sector is still considered substandard, which is why most expats in the country and even wealthy residents prefer to get international private insurance plans. Negotiating your insurance plan with your expat contract is the best way to get proper insurance in the country. Discuss insurance options with your HR before you sign your contract.

Importance of Insurance

Beijing has one of the worst air pollution problems in the world, and it causes a lot of illness. The pollution also aggravates some of the most common pre-existing conditions such as asthma. Getting an insurance plan for your health and the health of your loved ones in a place like Beijing takes on a new level of importance because of these issues. Having an insurance plan can help save you a lot of money in terms of emergencies as well as maintaining good health.

Aside from medical service advantage, other general insurance plans can also save you money in services such as roadside assistance and even investment schemes. Read the fine print of your insurance plans to make sure that you enjoy all the benefits and services that get.

Local Insurance in Beijing

There are big local insurance companies with offices in Beijing that offer several insurance products in the line of life, general, and medical insurance. The biggest Chinese insurance company offer a wider range of coverage across Asia. However, their services may be limited in terms of service as most of them can only cover for hospital care and not general practitioners or clinics. The biggest name that comes to mind when it comes to local insurance in Beijing is China Taiping Insurance Holdings.



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