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China, the world’s second-largest economy, is home to some of the best expat destinations. Guangzhou, the capital of the Canton region, is one of the sought-after destinations for skilled workers, foreign students and investors. The city is also the manufacturing hub of China with a very serious pollution problem. Whether you’re bound for Guangzhou as a worker or student, it’s important to have basic information on how you secure yourself insurance while in the country.

Getting Insurance

Under Chinese laws, individuals holding a Foreigner Work permit, a Foreign Expert Certificate, a Resident Foreign Correspondents Card, a Permanent Residency Permit, or any other evidence of employment in the country should pay social insurance fees with their employer. The fees pay for basic employee pension insurance, basic employee medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, and maternity insurance.

Most expat workers are provided with a comprehensive insurance plan, as a supplement to state-sponsored insurance. Whether you qualify for social services or not, it’s imperative that you have a health cover that includes in-patient services in private hospitals and dental and optical cover.

If you’re driving around Guangzhou, you should get a compulsory traffic accident insurance. Otherwise, your car will neither be registered nor issued conformance labels. This insurance will cover third-party liability in the event of an accident involving your car.

You know that you can own a commercial property you can use for personal occupation if you intend to live or study in China for more than one year.  You simply need to present documents showing that you’re legally allowed to work or study in the country. If you purchase a house in Guangzhou, you’d need to purchase property insurance for the structure.Contents insurance for your personal belongings is recommended whether you’re buying or renting an accommodation.

A life insurance is recommended especially if you have dependents. This protection will ensure that your family’s finances remain in order upon your untimely demise. There’s a lot of global insurance providers in Guangzhou that offer life, medical, property, auto and travel insurance.



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Importance of Insurance

Living as an expat means you can be exposed to risks that may not exist in your home country. For an instance, you may be at higher risk of encountering a road accident in Guangzhou where accidents are statistically higher than in other cities in the country. You may also be exposed to respiratory ailments due to worsening air quality in many Chinese industrial cities. An insurance plan will help you prepare for any unforeseeable event while you’re far away from home. Thus, even a basic health insurance plan is a must for every expat.

Local Insurance in Guangzhou

Essentially, the only insurance you’re required to secure is car insurance if you buy a car in Guangzhou. If you have a work permit, you’re automatically enrolled in social security services via your employer. These state-sponsored insurance including covers for medical and industrial injury may not be sufficient for your needs. A private medical insurance plan is still highly recommended. Since there’s no uniform system of private health insurance in China, you may be surprised at the variations of prices and features. Seek the assistance of an insurance broker such as Guagngzhou-cm Houlder to help you sift through exhaustive lists of products in the market.


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