Pet Import Regulations in China



When bringing pets to China, a general requirement is for the pet owner to submit a vaccination certificate to the quarantine officer stating the animal has been vaccinated no earlier than 30 days before its arrival.

Owning a pet is becoming increasingly popular in China, though this has not always been the case. Many expatriates have pets, though the conditions and environment can be worse than in the home country. Pets sold in China are often sick or suffer from malnutrition. You should also consider your housing options before bringing a pet to China. If you are residing in an apartment high-rise, a large pet might not be suitable.

Relocating Pets

Pets coming into China must have health and vaccination certificates from the home country. They are required to go into quarantine for 30 days though most are released from the government facility after 7 and the remaining three weeks are spent at the owner’s home. Officials will visit the animal in the home after the month’s quarantine and then issue the registration certificate. Thus, it is advisable to engage on-the-ground expertise, such as a bi-lingual relocation agency, to assist in the importation process.

For felines, certificates proving they are free of Feline Panleucopania, Feline Respiratory Disease and enteritis are also needed. Another general rule requires each pet to have a separate pet passport and, while not required for pets to enter China, an ISO-compatible microchip for all travelling pets is highly recommended.

Dogs must be registered with the local police department upon arrival. Fees range from RMB 1000-2000, and the registration must be done by a Chinese resident, who must bring his or her ID. Two photos of the dog (front and back) and one of the owner are also needed to complete the registration process.

Aside from the general requirements, there are area-specific regulations concerning pet shipments. For example, in Shanghai, these include an international health certificate indicating the name, sex, and breed of the pet issued in the country of origin and a vaccination record showing that a rabies shot was given no earlier than 12 months before arrival but not less than 30 days before departure. The owner's residential details in China and a copy of the airway bill if the pets are shipped as cargo should also be submitted. In Beijing, a vaccination certificate should be obtained not earlier than 16 days before departure. It is recommended to get information on the available pet relocation services in China before the move.

Other quarantine requirements may slightly vary depending on where the pet is shipped from. Pet owners relocating to any of these locations should inquire from local authorities about the specific regulations implemented: Dalian, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Harbin, Guangzhou and Beijing.



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