Visiting the Doctor in China



A doctor is easy to find in the many clinics and hospitals across the country. One can just look in the yellow pages, both online and offline, and addresses of hospitals and clinics can easily be found.

All doctors in China are members of the Chinese Medical Doctors' Association which one may contact to find referrals.

Medical facilities

The local population is heavily reliant on public transport; hence, most health facilities are located in each city's main areas, although some may also be found in the suburbs. Free services at public hospitals used to be offered but nowadays, expats are encouraged to take out international health insurance as an alternative.

Due to the language barrier, a hospital in China may refuse to take in foreign patients. However, there are certain expat-frequented facilities where doctors and other members of the health team speak English. The Chinese culture is also known for its myriad of herbal or traditional medicines and techniques which some Chinese doctors may even promote. In the end, it is still the patient's discretion whether or not to buy and use traditional medicine. 

China's national healthcare system follows a co-payment scheme between employers and the government but many expats may be more comfortable taking out private health insurance.



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