Expat Insurance Services in China

Though free health insurance was once available to all in the past, it is not at present. Health Insurance is not a requirement in China, but is usually offered by employers. Private health insurance can be obtained independently in the event that it is not. Premiums and treatments covered can vary widely according to policy, age of the insured, and a host of other factors, they typically range anywhere from 3000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.


There are abundant hospitals and clinics in China, however the quality of health care differs drastically at these facilities. Expatriates tend not to be treated at rural clinics in remote areas but instead will be taken to VIP wards in one of the better hospitals, which are usually foreign run. The cost of health care in China is very cheap, but most public clinics do not accept foreign insurance, and appointments are not given - instead a patient must go to the desk, pay a basic fee, then pay separately for each treatment that is required.


If foreign health insurance is not accepted by a hospital, it can often be paid with a credit card and the insurance company can be contacted later for reimbursement.

Health Insurance in China

It is recommended for expats relocating to China to secure a health insurance plan. This guarantees access to top-notch medical facilities in the country for affordable rates. Check out our list of insurance providers for info.

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Business Health Insurance in China

Employees with excellent health can mean increased productivity. Compare corporate health insurance plans on our list. Choose the best coverage for your expat employees in China. Request for free quotes today!

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Life Insurance in China

Whether you are relocating to China or elsewhere, it is advisable to have adequate life insurance coverage. This protects against loss of income following the insured’s death. Browse our resources and know your options today!

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Car Insurance in China

Check out our menu of insurance providers in China. We have detailed information on policy benefits, add-on features and premium rates. Expats may also request for free expert advice and quotes.

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Property Insurance in China

Expats relocating to China are reminded to ensure the safety of their belongings. There are top-notch property insurance plans that protect personal items from damage or loss during the relocation process.

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Home Insurance in China

Compare home insurance providers that help expats in China. Check out our resources on various insurers, insurance plans, add-on benefits and premium rates. You may also ask for free quotes!

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in China

Experience the wonders of China with ease. There are various travel insurance plans for individuals, families and businesses. Learn about single-trip travel insurance from our updated resources. Make a no-obligation enquiry today!

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in China

If you regularly travel to China, getting a multi-trip insurance will help you save money. This provides medical protection during your short-term trips abroad. To know more, ask for quotes today!

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