Tax Advisory in China

Expat Tax in China is known to follow a multi tiered system of tax liabilities for foreign nationalities, based on the period of time expatriates spend in China as well as their legal status of work. Late tax filling can also cause a considerable amount of problem. Contact a tax specialist to avoid making these mistakes on the Chinese system.

An expat taxation consultant can provide crucial advice to expatriates who are under double taxation policies imposed by their home countries. Andrew Baker of UK caters to expats in China, including non-residents, pilots, seafarers and other non-domiciled individuals. Mr. Baker’s 35-year industry experience has made him one of the best and most trusted in the business.

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China has a progressive tax system where the tax rate increases with the taxable amount. All income earners, resident or non-resident, are subject to employment tax. Expats may avail of tax exemption on amounts duly substantiated by invoices/receipts. Tax Advisory Expatriates, a leading consultancy firm, provides assistance on tax returns, tax planning and availment of tax incentives. Call an expert today for more details.

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