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Moving Services in China

Moving to China requires first getting a visa, which can take around two months of preparation, and then a week waiting time for the actual visa. Visas issued by China are only good for 3 months from date of issue. A medical exam and a valid passport are among the requirements. Legal spouses and dependents of the filer are also eligible for visas, but they must apply separately.


There are several types of visa in China, abbreviated from their Chinese names. The L visa or travel visa allows tourists into China for 30 days. The F visa or visit visa is for short studies and business trips, and is good for 6 months. The Z visa is a work visa, and requires a job offer from a company in China. The X visa is for longer term study and interns and require proof of acceptance at a Chinese institution. The D or residence visa is good for ten years, but is very hard to get, and is normally reserved for exceptional contributions to China. The J visa is for foreign journalists. The G visa or transfer visa is short term, for changing flights in China and the like.


Work is prohibited on a student or tourist visa, but visa types can usually be switched in China at a local Public Security Bureau. All foreigners must register with the local Public Service Bureau within 10 days of entering China, bringing their passport and proof of residence, and keep the Bureau informed of their whereabouts if even for one night.

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