Guide to Dental Care in Costa Rica



Dentists in Costa Rica are as qualified as any popular dentist in the US or Europe in terms of experience, skills and equipment. The better thing is, they charge a whole lot less, sometimes by up to 80%.

The quality of dental care is one of the things expats really enjoy in Costa Rica. There are even tourists who come just to get a reasonably priced dental job. From basic procedures to surgeries, dentists in Costa Rica are on a par with the world's best. Deciding which one to visit may be a little hard though, since all of them are going to be as good as each other and there are quite a lot. Usually, expats depend on referrals from friends and colleagues for this.  

When seeking dental care, one has to consider taking membership to the Costa Rican public health care system, which allows expats and even foreign tourists to avail of affordable dental coverage. Even without private health insurance, the fees are still going to be a lot cheaper compared to other major countries in the world. More popular dental services offered by Costa Rican dentists include dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, dental laser, teeth whitening, extractions, root canals and more.

In Costa Rica, one may even find dental clinics with an in-house massage service which is intended to soothe patients' nerves, especially those who are about to undergo complicated dental procedures. It is claimed that tense patients do not respond well to anesthesia but with massage, dentists do not expect to add an extra dose for the patient to feel the anesthetic effects. 

Expats who are very meticulous about their teeth will not have even the slightest apprehensions because as they will find, Costa Rica boasts of highly competent dentists, state-of-the-art dental equipment and inexpensive rates that everyone can afford.



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