Visiting the Doctor in Costa Rica



Costa Rica's rise as one of the top destinations for medical tourism has attracted even more expats to its shores. That only means added health security, whether in terms of medical, surgical, dental or even cosmetic treatments.

The cost of medical services is another attraction itself. Doctors in Costa Rica do not charge much yet offer quality services comparable to those of major Western and European countries. With the majority of doctors obtaining their qualifications in the US, language is not a problem. All licensed medical practitioners are members of an association called Colegio de Médicos y Cirujanos which is composed of all licensed physicians and doctors in the country.

Medical care also tends to be patient-oriented, which means the entire health team is always sensitive to the needs of the sick person and willing to accommodate questions about one's health condition.

"I love healthcare in Costa Rica! I feel like the doctors here care about helping me get me well instead of shuffling me through their office to make money and hustle prescription drugs." - Erin Morris, Expat in Costa Rica

To find a doctor in Costa Rica, an expat simply has to locate a nearby hospital where many clinics can be found. Most expats prefer to go to Hospital Clinica Biblica and Hospital Cima San Jose where treatment can come customized to an expat's or a tourist's needs. Costa Rican citizens get free medical treatment in all public and many private hospitals and clinics but expats can avail themselves of the same by making contributions to the Costa Rican Social Security. Or, as an option, they can always take out international health insurance.

When going for a private insurance cover, it is wise to determine whether an expat's insurance actually holds in this country. Patients will often be expected to pay in cash, but they can always file for reimbursement from their insurer.