Expat Insurance Services in Costa Rica

Costa Rican Social Security (CCSS) offers free and high quality public health care to all nationals of Costa Rica. Foreign legal residents in Costa Rica can also access CCSS through income contributions. Patients using CCSS do not have a choice of doctors or hospitals to stay in, the treatment facility or hospital is instead designated for the patient in this system.


Foreign non residents can still use their own health insurance at Costa Rican hospitals, or else purchase the INS health insurance, and many people visit Costa Rica each year just for the high quality and surprisingly low costs of health care.


INS is a state run monopoly that is the only authorized seller of all types of insurance in Costa Rica. Several types of insurance are compulsory by law - workers' compensation, car insurance for vehicle drivers, and theft and fire insurance for homes. INS also offers many other insurance products including various types of Accident insurance and student accident insurance, household insurance, cellphone theft insurance, life insurance, credit and debit card insurance, travel insurance. Costa Rican Accident insurance will cover accident expenses anywhere in the world, although the Student accident insurance is only for accidents to students that happen in Costa Rica.

Health Insurance in Costa Rica

Expats living in Costa Rica may check for health insurance plans from insurance provider on our comparative list. Private health insurance plans offer additional protection to expats receiving social services. Choose the best option today!

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Business Health Insurance in Costa Rica

Companies hiring expat workers in Costa Rica can check our list of global insurance providers. We have detailed information on cost-efficient corporate health insurance plans. Ensure your employee’s good health at all times!

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Life Insurance in Costa Rica

Make sure you have sufficient life insurance before leaving for Costa Rica. This insurance product protects an expat at different stages of life. For more information, check out our resources or call an expert today.

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Car Insurance in Costa Rica

Choose the right car insurance provider in Costa Rica. There are various expat-designed insurance plans for expats. Know about worldwide coverage, and theft and collision coverage from our updated resources.

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Property Insurance in Costa Rica

A property insurance plan not only protects personal belongings, it also offers personal liability insurance and other features. Get helpful info and free quotes from a trusted insurance adviser in Costa Rica.

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Home Insurance in Costa Rica

Keeping overseas homes is easier with the right home insurance policy. Find the insurance solutions that suit your financial goals and budget. We have helpful information on insurers and insurance policies in Costa Rica.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Costa Rica

Whether you are bound for Costa Rica or elsewhere, remember to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance. This covers diagnostic testing, hospitalisation, ambulance transport and more. Make a free no-obligation enquiry.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Costa Rica

A multi-trip travel insurance covers expats and serial travellers taking multiple overseas trips in a year. Know your insurance options in Costa Rica through our comparative list of insurance providers.

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