Expat Finance Services in Costa Rica

The currency in Costa Rica since 1896 has been the Colon, issued by the Central Bank. In 1896 it replaced the peso as the nation's currency. It is subject to devaluation every year by the Central Bank, meaning bills tend to lose their value, so US dollars are widely used and even preferred.


ATMs often give better exchange rates than banks. Money can be exchanged for better rates on the black market, but there is the risk of obtaining counterfeit bills, either American or Costa Rican. There are several other state owned and private banks in Costa Rica. The private banks are faster, offer better service, and more likely to have English speaking staff than the state run banks. Most banks in Costa Rica have ATM machines and also provide internet banking. Some banks issue debit cards for free, while other banks charge US $10 for a debit card. Some Costa Rican banks do not provide credit cards.


Opening an account for foreigners in Costa Rica will generally require a passport, residency card, and letters of recommendation, both local and from the bank in the native country. Bank accounts can be opened in US dollars as well as the colon.

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Currency Exchange in Costa Rica

Making a global payment or sending money offshore from Costa Rica demands a foreign exchange transaction. To get to the best deals, scan different forex providers and start compare their rates now.

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Current Account in Costa Rica

As an expat, you don't just need a current account in Costa Rica. You need one that is carefully crafted to address your exact needs as an international citizen. Explore options today!

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Offshore Savings in Costa Rica

Addressing your overseas saving needs as an expat in Costa Rica is as simple as opening an international savings account. Compare different products and features now!

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Expat Mortgages in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers expats great opportunities through its offshore mortgage sector. Start your search for a great deal by comparing consultants, making an enquiry, and requesting quotes. It's all free!

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Financial Advice in Costa Rica

Being an expat in Costa Rica, there is no guarantee that you will reach your investment goals. But with a risk profile assessment performed by a financial expert, your chances become immensely higher. 

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Expat Savings in Costa Rica

Many expats, especially Europeans, choose to retire in Costa Rica. Expats are advised to speak with experienced financial advisers about their financial options while living abroad. Make a free enquiry today!

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QROPS in Costa Rica

Many UK pensioners settle in Costa Rica for the warm climate, secure environment and low cost of living. For assistance on UK pension transfers to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes, expats are advised to call experts.

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Online Broker in Costa Rica

For currency trading, stock investing and Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading, we have a list of online brokers and financial experts. Expats living in Costa Rica may invest on capital markets and choose the best deals online.

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US Expat Tax in Costa Rica

For Americans planning to live in Costa Rica, filing US tax returns promptly is a must. Speak with US tax experts regarding tax returns filing, tax claims and deductions, as more.

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Tax Advisory in Costa Rica

Expats living in Costa Rica are advised to seek help from experts about their tax obligations. There a lot of tax specialists knowledgeable on international taxation. Make an enquiry today!

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