QROPS in Costa Rica

Your pension funds can be transferred to a QROPS once you relocate abroad. It provides a wide range of investment options to consider. Maintain your pension fund contribution to your UK pension scheme by utilising QDROPS. Contact a specialist to explore your options in other countries.

Costa Rica is regarded as the world’s best place to retire. To ensure UK expats fully enjoy their stay in Costa Rica, Windsor Pensions offers assistance in UK pension transfers to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). This UK company conducts assessments on pension funds before recommending suitable QROPS solutions.

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The Horizon International Pension Plan is a scheme that covers Costa Rica's expatriates and other non-Guernsey residents who are members of the Horizon Plan by Gower Pensions Management Limited. Members of the plan are offered investment fund options which they can personally choose from or choose with the help of an appointed investment manager.

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Gerrards International is a team composed of independent financial advisers offering impartial QROPS advice to expatriates in Costa Rica and all over the globe. As an independent company, Gerrards has solid business relations with more than 200 of the globe's top financial institutions, such as fund houses, banks, and insurance companies.

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