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Getting a 30 or 90 day tourist visa from a consulate to enter Costa Rica is relatively easy, cheap, and requires only a passport and a return ticket, or at least proof of funds to buy a home ticket. It takes one to two weeks for approval. Citizens from many countries including the United States do not even require a visa to visit for 90 days. Whether the allowed visit is for 30 or 90 days depends on the country.


Other visas require a lot more paper work. Six month work visas are given, usually, to professionals and highly trained technicians who are sponsored by local companies. These visas require approval by both the Immigration department and the work department, as well as more fees and much more documentation, including proof of a clean criminal record, birth certificate, marriage certificate, diplomas for professionals, etc.


Temporary student residence visas are only given to those already in Costa Rica on tourist visa status, and also require much documentation as well as proficiency in the Spanish language. The spouse, children, parents and siblings of Costa Rican citizens, as well as pensioners and investors are generally the only categories who may apply to come to live permanently in Costa Rica for longer than a year.

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