Emergency Numbers in Croatia



Croatia used to have separate emergency numbers per service.

Today, to comply with the European standards, the country has developed a single emergency number, 112, to cover all kinds of emergency and rescue services. To reach the police, ambulance services, firefighters, alpine rescuers, and even veterinarians, just dial 112. Dial 112 first launched as a pilot service in the city of Split. The European Commission monitors compliance of member states to have 112 as their emergency number.

Not only locals will benefit from this emergency number, it is also added protection for Croatia's tourists, tourists, transit travelers, holidaymakers, adventurers, and expats. Nature enthusiasts flock to Croatia for its amazing adventure-laded landscape, and scuba-diving is considered the most dangerous summer sport in the country. Hikers can get lost or get stranded in the forests or mountains because of an injury while surfers may drown, and incidents of medical emergencies like coronary heart attacks happen. Make a mental note to call 112 for any emergencies. Better yet, save the emergency hotline number on your mobile phone and obtain international health insurance to ensure that you’ll be covered for any emergencies you encounter while overseas.



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