Guide to Dental Care in Croatia



Croatia offers cheaper dental treatments by US and European standards.

This makes Croatia an ideal destination for medical and dental tourism, as foreigners flock to the country not only for its renowned vacation spots but also for their medical and dental treatments.

A dental implant costs approximately 500 to 600 Euros or 800-1000 USD in Croatia, which is approximately 60% cheaper than dental costs in Europe and 70-80% cheaper than the dental costs in the United States.

Dentists in Croatia are well-trained and can often speak English. They must be part of the Croatian Dental Chamber, an autonomous professional association of dentists in Croatia. Most dentists are based in major cities like Zagreb, Croatia.

Dental facilities are equipped with modern medical equipment though some areas outside the cities may lack updated medical technology due to budget constraints, as the health facilities are subsidized by the state government.

Dentists do not accept credit cards. And like any other doctor in Croatia, dentists would require cash upfront before treatment. If you are an expat looking to reside in Croatia for some time, private health insurance in Croatia will help reduce dental costs for you and your family, as well as ensure quality dental care from a private dentist.



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