Pet Import Regulations in Croatia



Pet relocation may be stressful to animals, so take advance preparations in pet transport requirements to avoid delay. Companies offering pet relocation services to Croatia can help you with the necessary paperwork and brief you with the important policies in importing pets.

Cats, dogs, and ferrets are commonly imported to Croatia and are identified by a microchip that meets ISO standards 117484/11785. If your pet does not have this ISO microchip, you must provide your scanner. Aside from micro-chipping details, you should provide proof of rabies vaccination within 15 days prior to arrival, accompanied by an International Health certificate from an accredited veterinarian in your home country. The most recent date of vaccination must not be more than a year from the date of entry into Croatia. The health certificate should show the veterinarian's license number.

Airlines also require a Fitness to Fly Certificate. Avoid taking more than five animals as this may be considered by customs as if you brought them for commercial purposes.

Get the services of companies offering international pet relocation to Croatia to find out the best transport carrier for your pets and ensure complete documentation for a worry-free transition to a new country for you and your pet. This will help you avoid unnecessary delays.



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