Visiting the Doctor in Croatia



Croatia's healthcare system is on par with European and American high standards.

Doctors in Croatia must pass internship requirements and the medical licensure exam; licensed and regulated by the Croatian Medical Chamber.

Passports are essential when you visit a doctor in Croatia. They are also required when you purchase medicines with a doctor's prescription. Always bring them along when visiting a doctor, especially if you are from the United Kingdom. The UK has a special arrangement with Croatia that will entitle you to free medical treatment. In case of emergencies, dial the emergency number 112. This will alert the needed services such as police and medical services.

Doctors in Croatia expect cash payment upfront and do accept credit cards. They charge approximately $30 for a consultation fee. Visiting foreigners are entitled to free basic emergency first aid treatment. However, if you are prolonging your stay, then it is best to get yourself good private health insurance to cover your medical needs. Private health insurance will assure you of quality healthcare while minimizing your medical costs.

Expats are advised to have travel insurance or international health insurance in Croatia. Make sure that this will cover pre-existing conditions and the activities you want to engage in while in the country. The Croatian State requires an expat to have at least 30,000.00 Euros worth of travel or health insurance coverage.