Tax Advisory in Croatia

Foreign nationals who have resided in Croatia for a period of more than 183 days in the tax year are considered as tax residents and are subjected to expat tax. Meanwhile, expats who are non-resident of Croatia are only subject to tax on their Croatian-source income. There are cases where a foreign resident may be exempted from paying tax on their foreign pension income. It is best to seek professional advice from an international tax specialist to determine certain liabilities of a foreign national in this matter.

Depending on their countries of origin and residence, the rules for expat exclusions, credits and deductions vary significantly. To ensure that all benefits are received and all penalties are avoided, it is best to hire professional assistance. With almost four decades of expertise in personal taxation, Andrew Baker of UK offers his services to expats in Croatia.

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In Croatia and any other part of the globe, taxation is one complicated concern expatriates have to handle as part of their international lifestyle. This makes professional tax assistance services indispensable. Don't stall. Make a no-obligation tax-related inquiry now.

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