Emergency Numbers in Cyprus



Listing down important telephone numbers to call is one of the first tasks an expat must do upon arriving in a new and unfamiliar country.

In Cyprus, there are no central emergency hotlines. The numbers are either area/location or institution-specific. For medical emergencies, the following numbers may be dialed as they apply:

Makareio General - 24630300

Ammochostos - 23821211

Paphos General - 26803100

Larnaca Old General - 24630312

Larnaca New General - 25801100

Limassol Old General - 25305333

Limassol New General - 25801100

Nicosia General Makario - 22801400

For 24-hour pharmacies, the following numbers may be called as they apply:

Ammochostos - 90901413

Paphos - 90901416

Limassol - 90901415

Larnaca - 90901414

Nicosia - 90901412

For police emergencies, the following may be called as they apply:

Paphos - 26804040

Nicosia - 22802020

Limassol - 25805050

Larnaca - 24803424

For household emergencies, there are also specific numbers one may dial. For problems with water supply, one may dial 90901430, for issues on electricity, 90901420, and for directory inquiries, 192. The numbers may appear too many, but an expat simply has to take note of those that apply to him and his location.

These numbers should be saved in the mobile phone or written on a clean sheet of paper and placed on a spot everyone in the household can see. Cyprus boasts of having one of the most efficient emergency services and one of the shortest average response times in the world. This adds to expats' sense of security while settling in this Middle East country. Expats are advised to obtain international health insurance in Cyprus for emergency coverage as they live life overseas.



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