Essential Employment Paperwork in Cyprus


Cyprus or also commonly referred to as Aphrodite’s Island has become one of the most sought after expat destinations in the Mediterranean. As breathtakingly attractive this place is, expats who are dreaming of working in Cyprus should first be aware of the entry restrictions and visa requirements to avoid legal consequences.

Due to the Turkish invasion in 1974, the northern part of Cyprus has been under the governance of Turkey so expats who will work in that area should refer to the Turkish employment process. Foreign nationals should also remember that they will be denied of entry if they have a passport issued by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and if they have entered via any airport or port in the northern part of the island. Those who will seek employment in solely in the Republic of Cyprus (areas aside from the northern part of the country) can refer to the guide below:

The Temporary Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who want to work in Cyprus for more than 90 days should apply for the Temporary Residence Employment or TRE. The TRE is classified into several categories but the most suitable for employment purposes is the Category E which is for those who are offered a permanent job in Cyprus. This type of visa will only be issued to a foreign national if he/she will not occupy a job that can be carried out by a local applicant. The TRE can be processed by the employer beforehand or expats can enter Cyprus under a short-stay visa which is valid for three months but is required to apply for a TRE at least a month before the end of their first 90 days on the island

Application Process and Requirements

All applications for the TRE are submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department or the immigration branches of the local police if the expats is already in Cyprus. Requests for the Temporary Residence Employment should be accompanied by a work contract that bears the stamp of the Department of Labour and of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. Other relevant documents that need to be submitted for the application are:

  • Passport valid for at least one year
  • Four passport-sized photos
  • Evidence of income and/or financial sufficiency
  • Proof of medical insurance coverage
  • Clean criminal record of the employee/expat

Once the application has been submitted, the expat will receive a Form P74 or also known as the ‘Alien’s Registration Certificate. The TRE permit (pink slip) will be issued within a maximum of six months from the date of application and will be valid for no less than five years. Expats can renew this permit by paying 20 Cyprus pounds and submitting a form called M.61 at the police branch of the District Aliens and Immigration. Though it can be renewed, holders of the TRE can already apply for a permanent residency after the five years validity expires.