Guide to Dental Care in Cyprus



There are many things expats appreciate in Cyprus. But one thing that makes them smile is the availability of high-quality dental services.

Not only are expats appreciative of world-class facilities and technologies and the exemplary dentist. They also enjoy the cost advantage. Coming to a dental clinic in Cyprus is cheap even for cosmetic procedures that normally come at exorbitant prices in other parts of Europe. In this country, the Ministry of Health is actively working to keep things this way. So expats should not worry about not having an international health insurance plan with dental care coverage.

As Cyprus is fast becoming a medical center in the Mediterranean, its dentists are keeping up by training abroad to gain expertise in the latest techniques and technologies for a wide array of services including teeth bleaching, veneers, all porcelain crowns, porcelain fused to metal crowns, porcelain inlays and dental implants. And as communication is vital to any dentist-patient relationship for the right procedures to be done, expatriates need not worry about the language as most dentists speak English.

Finding a Dentist in Cyprus will not be difficult as a local or two can easily give referrals to some of the best dentists they know. When this is not possible, one can use the Internet to find listings of Cyprus dentists. Or one can simply contact the Cyprus Dental Association, the country's association of local dentists, to find some very good leads.

Indeed, when foreigners come to settle in Cyprus, they will have a lot to smile about.



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