Having a Baby in Cyprus



Having a baby in Cyprus should be the least of an expatriate woman's concerns even if they don’t have an international health insurance plan.

In Europe, Cyprus is one of the countries with an outstanding line of state-of-the-art hospitals and internationally trained obstetricians who make sure deliveries are safe for both mother and child. Women who are citizens of European Union member countries can avail of free maternity services in a town general hospital while those who are non-EU residents can have the free hand in choosing among the many private hospitals. Expats who want to be covered while delivering a baby overseas are advised to consider obtaining international health insurance in Cyprus.

Usually, a search for an obstetrician or facility will entail asking recommendations from friends, colleagues, and even online health care consultants. General hospitals usually hold prenatal preparation sessions for free while private clinics conduct the same classes for a fee.

When birth is at hand, the woman is usually taken to the hospital or clinic with which obstetrician is affiliated. Home births, water births, and other unique birthing methods are not common in Cyprus where, in general, hospitals, the choice of birthing method is to be dictated by the OB. Most of the time, women deliver by Caesarean operation in these public facilities and go home after five days. When the woman delivers in a private facility, she is left to decide when she feels comfortable enough to leave the hospital.

Owing to its advanced economy and efficient health care system, the quality of health care facilities in Cyprus is not a thing to worry about for any woman planning to have her baby in this country.



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