Visiting the Doctor in Cyprus



Finding doctors in Cyprus can be a breeze for expats who already know a number of residents who can provide referrals.
Otherwise, they may research on the Internet and find an address of a nearby private or public hospital in the city or a health centre or dispensary in the rural areas. There, they can walk into any clinic with a doctor who has the required specialization. A third option might be to approach the Cyprus Medical Association for suggestions. Communication with doctors and other health professionals is not expected to be a problem as most speak English.
Since its entry into the European Union in 2004, Cyprus has changed its rules for expats finding medical care in the country. EU citizens have to present their EHIC card when coming to a hospital in Cyprus or visiting a doctor while non-EU citizens may claim benefits by virtue of their social insurance that is compulsory for all working residents. Those who are not covered by social insurance will have to take out private health insurance in Cyprus.

Language has never been a problem for expats when seeking healthcare in Cyprus. Most medical staff, from the doctors to the orderlies, can speak English. Consultation hours usually begin at 9 in the morning and end at 7 in the evening. A basic consultation fee starts at 20 Euros per visit and can go up depending on the facility and individual differences in doctors' rates.

By and large, people who plan to move to the country can expect to find security through a superior and efficient healthcare system that works for all those who live in the country. In other cases, expats may opt to take out international health insurance in Cyprus when they feel this is preferable.