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The island has been known as the right place to relax and retire which is why many of its expatriate settlers are pensioners and retirees. A seat for Greek, Byzantine and Crusader’s culture, Cyprus has proved its worth as a belt of culture which attracts many expatriates. It may be a home for retirees but there is still hope for foreigners looking for a job in this calm country. Find work opportunities in Cyprus with this guide.

Prominent job industries in Cyprus

Because of its perfect weather and Mediterranean vibe, Cyprus has been a magnet to foreigners who would like to explore the island firsthand. In fact, the tourism industry in the country is one of the largest contributor in its GDP with 19.3 percent share as of 2015. Expats who would like to flourish their careers in hotels and restaurant may do so in Cyprus. Aside from the tourism industry, foreigners may also try their luck in the teaching industry by landing a job as an English or Greek teacher. Other industries to partake in the country includes IT, telecommunications, agriculture, electrical engineering and finance.

"In Cyprus, if you have lots of patience as sometimes it is hot you will have the chance to meet very good people that will be happy to help you even if you do not speak Greek. Some people that come here are requesting that documents/official employees speak even their own language."-  Flaura, Expat in Cyprus

Cyprus’ Job Economy

The average income in Cyprus is quite low but is unnoticeable since the cost of living is low too. The economy of Cyprus may have been encountering its own problems from time to time but the country manages to keep up thanks to its growing sectors such as in services and tourism. 81 percent of Cyprus’ national GDP is coming from the services sector which has helped a lot in the country’s slow recovery from economic crisis.

The country’s role to being a gateway to three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe has also contributed in the economy’s rise as many foreign investors from these continents get attracted to invest in the country. Because of this, Cyprus is slowly and steadily gaining its investor confidence and have finally picked up by 2015. Expatriates are to expect more economic growth from the country in the coming years.

How to find a job in Cyprus

The Cyprus Department of Labor is responsible for handling the employment of foreigners in the country. For expats who have not landed in Cyprus because of a work assignment, finding the right job that best suits their qualification is critical. Even though there is the presence of Cypriot Newspaper, Cyprus Weekly and Mail, the best way to land in a job in the country is still through networking. Cypriots believe that their family and relatives makes a huge impact in their employment which is why it is best for foreign nationals to build a strong network upon arrival in the country. Interpersonal relationship is very important for Cypriots, one must take every face-to-face interviews and meetings seriously.

Looking for a job in Cyprus is difficult and maximizing all resources is really important. Recruitment websites such as Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Cyprus jobs, Cyprus Recruiter, Learn4Good and Global Recruitment Solutions can be useful. Prior looking for the job that an expat like,it would be better to determine the strong industries to explore in Cyprus first.



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