Expat Insurance Services in Cyprus

Cyprus has a public health insurance system funded by those who work in Cyprus, whether native or foreign residents. 6.3% of an employee's salary is withheld to pay for this service, while the self employed must pay 11.6% of their income for insurance. European Union or Swiss residents in Cyprus with a European Health Insurance Card can get free essential treatment. Pensioners from the European Union can also get reduced costs or free treatment in Cyprus.


Those in Cyprus who qualify for social health insurance receive one of two types of medical card, good for two years, depending on their economic situation and ability to pay, with rather complicated rules for determining which category a patient is in. Other foreign visitors to Cyprus will need to have private health insurance. Many foreign health insurance companies can extend their policies to cover Cyprus.


There is also a very competitive health insurance market in the country. The quality of public health in Cyprus is exceptionally high, but even so many who can afford it will additionally purchase private insurance which eliminates public waiting lists and offers coverage for even more choice of treatment facilities and private hospitals. Travel insurance is also an important necessity for tourists visiting Cyprus for 90 days or less.

Health Insurance in Cyprus

Are you planning to relocate to Cyprus? It is recommended for expats to secure a health insurance cover apart from that provided by the host government. Choose from our menu of insurance providers.

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Business Health Insurance in Cyprus

A comprehensive corporate health insurance addresses the need to boost employees’ health. There are various insurance providers in Cyprus that protect companies and expat workers. Choose the best solutions from our comparative list.

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Life Insurance in Cyprus

Find the life insurance coverage that suits your financial goals and budget. Cyprus has a menu of top-notch insurance providers that cater to expats. Select the best solutions for you and your family today.

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Car Insurance in Cyprus

Expats in Cyprus may purchase an international car insurance plan that offers consistent coverage from country to country. These insurance products are usually based in US dollars and include flexible deductible options.

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Property Insurance in Cyprus

Ensure that your valued possessions are safe during and after moving to Cyprus. There are global insurers that offer top-notch property insurance plans designed for expats. Ask for a free quote today!

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Home Insurance in Cyprus

Free and easy quotes to help you choose the best house insurance for property owners abroad. We help you find the best international building and contents insurance.

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Single Trip Travel Insurance in Cyprus

A single-trip travel insurance is ideal for travellers needing protection for up to two years. This protects against costly medical procedures, political evacuation, complications of pregnancy and others. Know your options in Cyprus.

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Multi Trip Travel Insurance in Cyprus

Cyprus is an exciting place to be in. Frequent travellers are advised to purchase multi-trip travel insurance. This provides protection for periods of 30 days or 45 days throughout a year.

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