Expat Finance Services in Cyprus

The currency in Cyprus since January 1 2008 has been the Euro, on that date Cyprus joined the other nations that were already using the Euro, thus replacing the national currency. The Cypriot pound, which had been in use since 1879, and which had been equal in value to a British pound sterling until 1972 was then retired. Some outdated information continues to be priced in Cypriot pounds, however.


The Central Bank of Cyprus oversees the nation's banking system, which comprises a fair number of local banks and finance services. Several of these Cypriot banks have begun to adopt internet and telephone service and other advantages offered by modern Information Technology. Most of the more prominent native Cypriot banks also have branches in other countries outside of Cyprus.


There are also branches of foreign international banks in Cyprus, but these deal primarily with foreigners who are visiting Cyprus. Anyone can open a bank account in Cyprus without having to reside in the country, or at any Cypriot bank in another country. An ID, such as a passport, and proof of address such as a utility bill are all that is typically required to open an account at a Cypriot bank.

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Currency Exchange in Cyprus

Foreign exchange firms in Cyprus are not all created equal. Make comparisons today to know which offers rates that put you at the best advantage.

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Current Account in Cyprus

Global banking transactions are typical for expats, so you should get a current account which is designed for your distinct requirements in Cyprus. Search for options now!

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Offshore Savings in Cyprus

If your savings account in Cyprus is a slacker, you have to find another one that really suits your needs as an expat. Compare offshore savings accounts today!

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Expat Mortgages in Cyprus

Offshore mortgage in Cyprus is offered by a variety of providers. Discover the best deal by comparing international mortgage consultants, making a free inquiry, and getting a free quote!

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Financial Advice in Cyprus

As an expat in Cyprus, your chances of attaining your investment objectives are closely connected to your risk profile. Get assessed by an expert!

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Expat Savings in Cyprus

Cyprus is considered an ideal expat destination primarily for its strong economy and secure environment. Expats bound for this European country must know their savings and financial options. Contact a trusted financial adviser today!

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QROPS in Cyprus

UK pensioners living in Cyprus may transfer their pension rights to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes. To start UK pension transfers, expats may request a no-obligation review from QROPS experts.

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Online Broker in Cyprus

Many expats in Cyprus invest in forex, Contracts for Difference (CFD) and stocks through online brokerage firms. Compare brokers’ rates and services, and features designed for global citizens like yourself!

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US Expat Tax in Cyprus

Under US tax laws, Americans must pay taxes on income earned anywhere in the world. For those living in Cyprus, there are experts ready to help with tax returns, credits and claims.

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Tax Advisory in Cyprus

Cyprus has a progressive tax system where tax rates are directly proportional to income. Expats may seek assistance on tax returns from experts. Book an appointment today with an international tax specialist.

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