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Moving Services in Cyprus

There are legal requirements for coming into Cyprus. This is partly because since the 1970s there has been an area of Cyprus not controlled by the government in Nicosia, but by a defacto government calling itself the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. This is only recognized by Turkey, which helped invade it in 1974. Therefore, no one who has ever come through Northern Cyprus, nor even anyone possessing a Northern Cypriot passport or visa is ever allowed to enter the territory controlled by the Nicosia government of Cyprus.


Other than this, citizens of many countries, including the United States, can enter Cyprus as visitors for 90 days on a passport, while a few other countries do require a visa to be obtained from a consulate or embassy beforehand. Those planning to stay longer than 90 days can apply while in Cyprus for a Temporary Residence Permit from the police station. This is available to several categories of people, including those who are self employed in agriculture, mining, or other professions, retirees, and those with job offers in Cyprus.


Extensive documentation and proof of means is required as part of the application process. Those who submit applications are given an Alien Registration Certificate and approval can take 6 months. It is good for 5 years, but those wishing to stay even longer can apply for Permanent Residence.

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