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Healthcare and protection services are not hard to come by in Czech Republic. In fact, Czech Republic is one of the countries in the EU that requires any non-EU national to obtain travel health insurance before entering the country. Czech Republic values the importance of safety and health for everyone within their borders. As such, there are several insurance companies both local and international that offers policies for your needs while you’re living in Czech Republic. Learn more about where to get insurance and the services and benefits you can get while having a complete coverage abroad.

Getting Insurance

Since the government requires everyone to have proper insurance coverage while in the country, there are a lot of prospects for anyone who wishes to travel or live in Czech Republic. EU nationals have access to health and social services through their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Czech Republic, and any foreign employee is entitled to health and employment insurance that are paid for through contributions by the employee and the employer as a monthly deduction to the employee’s salary.

"Healthcare is available to all and is very good. Many expats prefer to go to the foreign run clinics such as the Canadian Medical Centre, mainly, I think, because English is their language, but the doctors are no different to those that work in the local health centres. If you have private insurance, then these foreign health clinics are very useful, but expensive if you have to pay for yourself."- Jo Weaver, Expat in Czech Republic

If you wish to get private insurance especially for things that are not covered by public health and social security services, there are several local, regional, and international insurance companies that can offer coverage. Most expats still prefer to get international insurance policies simply for the accessibility and flexibility that they offer with the policies. Most international insurance products offer benefits and services that are customised for expats abroad, such as virtual access to medical records, insurance claims through smart phone apps, and many more. The stability of big global insurance companies also ensures members that they are getting their money’s worth in services and in times when they need it most. Several international insurance companies such as IMG, Aetna, and AIG offer services for expats in the country.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance can be quite expensive in a country like Czech Republic, but you can be rest assured, the cost of medical care and emergencies will be much more if you don’t have the proper coverage when you need it. The country’s public insurance sector is efficient and well-funded, but they cannot cover you, your family, and your assets for everything. There are certain things that you can only protect through a proper insurance policy.

Czech Republic values insurance and protection which is why they require all residents to be fully covered. Don’t risk the things you value most in life due to some misconceptions about insurance plans. There are several policies both local and international with very manageable payment plans and customisable services that you can take advantage of. Getting an insurance policy can save you money not just during emergencies, but also for the basic services you’ll need abroad, such as dental care, maternity, check-ups, roadside service memberships, and even investment plans. Learn more about insurance and what it can do for you while you’re living abroad.

Local Insurance in Czech Republic

VZP Insurance is the local health insurance company is the most recommended local health insurance company by the government of Czech Republic. They offer general, medical, life, and other miscellaneous insurance plans that can cover you while you’re in the country. Banks such as Czech National Bank (CNB) also offer various general insurance products for local coverage.


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