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The city of Prague is now popular among medical tourists as one of the most affordable cities in Europe for good quality medical care. Aside from that, the city is also known to be very efficient when it comes to healthcare and social services. However, the public service sector is still very limited in terms of coverage and may not be able to give you all the protection you would need while living in the city. Learn more about all the benefits and services you can get and how you can take advantage of it through getting insurance plans in Prague.

Getting Insurance

Expats in Prague are not entitled to public healthcare and social services, but you can choose to sign up for it by paying monthly contributions which can be deducted through your salary by your employer, but this is something you have to arrange with your company.

Most expats prefer to get private international insurance coverage and arrange it with their expat contracts to include their families and sometimes even property. Before you move to Prague, make sure you explore the best options for your insurance by discussing it with your employer so that you can be fully covered as soon as you arrive in the city. There are plenty of international insurance companies that offer their services in Prague such as AIG and Allianz.

"My healthcare insurance seems great except for dental coverage, which is almost nil. I asked my HR dept if I could upgrade it or add some extra coverage, but they said it wasn’t possible and that even the local insurance plans are poor when it comes to dental." - Carolyn Woulfe, Expat in Prague

Importance of Insurance

Prague’s medical industry has gone through several improvements and regulations which makes it much more efficient and affordable. However, this only applies to medical treatments and not additional service needs such as dental care or regular check-ups. These type of services are still quite expensive in the city. Which is why it’s better to have international insurance plans which can give you more than just a safety blanket in times of need, they can also offer additional services and benefits, and it’s not just for medical needs and services, some international car insurance plans offer roadside assistance services, and other life insurance plans even offer investment opportunities to their members. Discover all the services and benefits you can get from insurance and take advantage of all these services while you’re living abroad.

Local Insurance in Prague

The insurance industry in the country is growing and as the capital of Czech Republic, most offices are situated in the city. Local insurance companies usually offer more range than just local country coverage, they typically include regional coverage for the rest of Europe. The most prominent local insurance companies are START Insurance and Maxima.



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