Car Insurance in Czech Republic

Foreign nationals who want to go through the Czech Republic using a vehicle are required to possess a valid international driver’s license and a car insurance policy, particularly one that has third-party liability. This type of liability covers damages or injury to people and property outside of the vehicle, such as buildings, pedestrians, other cars, etc. Anyone who is caught driving slightly over the speed limit – up to 20 kmp/h over the limit in built-up areas and 30 kmp/h off built-up areas – will be fined 500 CZK to 2,000 CZK (€20-70).

Clements Worldwide is a topnotch provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and global organizations in the Czech Republic. Clements Worldwide Auto Insurance is popular for its simple, trouble-free auto cover for physical damage, along with theft and third-party liability.

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